Easy walk cycle with maya.

Easy walk cycle with maya.

  I decide to make this tutorial because I used to had some hard times when I wanted to make
a walk cycle in maya, because I wanted to be able to flip the pose of the character to animate quickly
without to copy and paste channel values.
So an easy way for that is to install maya bonus tools.
So here's an example:

After you installed bonus tools, go to bonus tools menu and in animation menu, choose
Walk Cycle Control.

A window will show up.There you can specify rig controls , so for Left Foot just select all
left foot controllers of your character and from the press “Set”
Do the same for all Controls.

  Leave Cycle offset at default value 12. That means that if you set a key in frame 1 then in 12 frame will flip the pose for you and after 12 frames will set the first pose again. Prety cool right?
So in frame 1 set the first pose and hit Key All.

Then go to frame 6 and set the new pose and press again '' Key All'', automatically will key the pose and in number 18 will flip it.

Continue to redifine the pose until you'll happy with the result.

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